I really miss him :'( as always



Papa 😥

How can I can sleep?


Totally,I aware that
There’s nothing wrong with age
It came with its destiny
In fact ,it’s lessen not adding

Our chance to live in this world
become shorter day by day

I only cry in my heart
when i’m thingking about you 😥
It was so hard for me

I always remember
the way you teach me
the way you kiss me
the way you support me
the way you fulfill all of my desire
the way you said “upiak sokan nyinyia anak papa”
oh……i miss all of the words, really miss
and i always remember the way you love me as your little cute daughter
I love you as always, pa….

I really miss him 😥

*My favorite song by Rinto Harahap

Di mana … akan kucari
Aku menangis, seorang diri
Hatiku, slalu ingin bertemu
Untukmu, aku bernyanyi

Untuk ayah tercinta
Aku ingin bernyanyi
Walau air mata di pipiku
Ayah, dengarkanlah
Aku ingin berjumpa
Walau hanya dalam mimpi

Lihatlah .. hari berganti
Namun tiada seindah dulu
Datanglah, aku ingin bertemu
Denganmu, aku bernyanyi

#How lucky my friends who still have a father :’)
love your father, make him always happy and proud  as you can


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