Lonely Travel #a historical journey

Lonely travel???? what’s????,
well, i just wanna tell you how amazing lonely travell is

May 11th 2013, I was waiting my aunty and my cousins at Pangdam DU Bandung , it was so long and made me bored. My aunty apologized because she had a dealings ( she is a business woman) before she met me. They would be late. So far, it was no problem.

I decided to had a lonely travell
Woooow it was so sparkling

photo (17)

Actually i did’nt had any planned to had travelling before, i just concerned that i wanted to met my aunty, my cousins and got to the doctor to had a consul. But everything changed offhand.
I just potopoto lonely while waiting my aunty untill i met a monger of Pangdam.
see? this is my weird face
i took this pict to spent my time


How narsis i am ha =P
This is an effect of my experiment to explore my desire to be narsis *apaan sih

After i potopoto lonely,
I had appealing conversation with a monger . I have a nice topic conversation with the monger. I asked the monger all about Bandung and the tourism of Bandung, as you know guys, i really like travelling.
The monger told me that there was a monument around Pangdam. And he encouraged me to visted the monument.

I turned my head to my back side, wooow that’s true, it was a monument. Unfortunately, I don’t know what a monument it was.


Especially, i didn’t had to paid to entered the monument, it was free lol

photo (30)

Directly, i went to the monument.
I walked around it.
It was just like a historical journey.
Tried to had some picture even though i didn’t bring my pocket camera. So, i decided to take the picture of the monument by my iPhone’s camere. It was good enough. I choosed to used camera 360 to got a good teksture.
How happy i was because i could improved my hobby in photography.





Orang muda, kini giliranmu telah tiba
Untuk menerima anugrah Sejarah
Rapatkan barisan, langkah tegap kedepan;
Dengan karuniaNya sepanjang jalur jejakmu
Impian demi impian akan terwujud.
Julang panji, kibarkan bagi segala taufan
Karena dibahumu akan diletakkan fajar
Bagi cakrawala baru, bagi zaman yang besar –SAINI KM-

This was really a historical journey and i love it ❤


I saw some people looked at me at the time, i didn’t know what exactly they thought about me, maybe i was a little bit ridiculous because of my lonely trvell and potopoto ga jelas sendirian *aaa forget it


The monument is so big and really mesmerise me.
I saw “burung garuda” as symbol of our country. And also i saw ‘gedung sate” from the view of the monument

photo (25)

grudng sate

I explore the monument, walked around it and saw some children were playing around the monument. I just thought that they could helped me.
Directly i asked one of them to took my picture.
It was a little bit awkward hehe .
Oh, thanks god…. the child wanted to helped me.
By the way, he was a boy, exactly he is a student from elementary school. His name is Andi.
Andi looked like a professional photographer, by his patient he took my pict .
I am so sory Andi :'(, to asked yo to took my picture repetedly
I was so happy because the pict was good enough. Thank you Andi *jadi inget alim azim, my little twin brothers


After i got so many pictures, finally my aunty and my cousins were coming, i met them and left the monument happily

Well guys, it was sparkling, isn’t
Just try it too

*Travelling saya kali ini tidak memungut biaya sepersen pun. Hari itu sangat memuaskan bagi saya, travelling and adventuring itu sangat menyenangkan 🙂 trust me, it was pretty awesome

Lonely travel is so adorable, i just recomended you to try it too 

#Jas merah “Jangan sesekali melupakan sejarah”
Monument ini berada di depan kampus Unpad Dipati Ukur, yuk berkunjung kesana 🙂

Apple inc
Photographer by kiciks

Big thank’s to dek Andi for the pict 🙂


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