Youth Talk

Hey there,
This is such a sparkling experience
Today, “Youth Talk”
We are talking about tourism in Indonesia and also in foreign countries

youth talk

Let me introduce,
From the right side to the left side (a little bit forget about their name hehehe *slow down*jika terjadi kesalahan nama, maka itu adalah hal yang saya sengaja karena sesungguhnya manusia tak luput dari lupa)
Marry from France
Jarome from France
Lae from Russia
Helena from Mexico
and Ijah (bukan nama sebenarnya) hmmmmmmhngggngggarrrgh maybe, her name is Lussy, Lussyana or Lussyandri (?)……she wears white blouse and she stands beside me (serius saya lupa namanya T.T*maafkan saya hiks) she is from Russia
They are exchange students from AISEC.

I interest to hear about their experiences in Indonesia. They talk that Indonesia have wonderful tourisms. They have been visited Bandung and Jogja. Cool ha???*brbrbrbrbrrrrdingineuy*
“Come and join Tourism”

lagi bad mood untuk bercerita argghghhgggh *kapan2lahya
❤ travelling

*meet and great mba Upi, Kak je, Mumut dan teh Maisya kala itu (: yeah BKILovers


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