Mr. Bromo

Hello, nice to write again (:

Long time no see, I feel so sad beacause I’ve no connection to the internet, so I can’t update my blog. First af all, let’s say “Voila voici lalalalala, welcome to my Blog, Kiciks”

Assalamualaykum wr.wb
Hi buddies! How’s your holiday so far? Mine is good, and hope you have a good holiday too….
In this holiday, I chose to had an educational journey. I made my educational homestay in Pare. We can call it English Village, I spent a week for study english in Pare and two days for having spiffy journeys.
I met some new friends, they are really kind and gehoool :* (ups)

On 18th of january 2014 I and my jeketi friends travelled to east Java and tasted some wonderful journey, exactly I went to Mr. Bromo, wooow what is that(?) Mr (?).Bromo, just call it Mr. I like to call it like that, because I feel hmmmmmm ngngngngengeeeeeng It’s so mesmerise me.

Actually Mr. Bromo belongs to a kind of mount.
Mark me! Bromo is one of my favorite place ^^ I feel so eheeem when I arrived there, it just like abroad (:
No wonder many people eager to visit this place. Not be sneezed at, it’s so beautiful and wonderful.
I feel so excited when I can travel around, it can fresh my mind up……..

Well, my journey began at 07.00 pm. I chose Pare’s travel agency to accompanied me and my friends travelled around east Java. We dicided to had travelling to BNS (Batu Night Spectaculer in Malang), Bromo and also Savana in Probolinggo.#coming soon in story# It was a eheeeeem journey that I’ve ever had 😀

In the mood of writing, I would like to tell you about bromo, I got this information by googling and asked the driver when I was at Mr. Bromo.
Mr. Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,29 metres (7,641 ft) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but is the most well known. The volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The name of Bromo derived from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god.


I arrived at 05.00 am in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Need a long time to reach this place. I feel so tired but when i arrived there suddenly my strength come up. By the way, i took this pict when i was at “Penanjakan”.
Penanjakan is a place to see bromo from the top. We can see the full view of Bromo from here.





I felt so cold when i was there, so i decided to wear a coat and gloves. I and my friends found a stall while we got off from the “Penanjakan” so we though that we had to warm up our hands together.

After we visited Penanjakan we led up to Mr.Bromo . wooowww i eager to knew how precisely Mr. Bromo look like (: We pass through the winding road. Grrrrrrbrrrbbrbrbrbrbrbrbr it felt like a roller coaster lol.



After twenty minutes we arrived at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park hihihi finally i can smile sincerely (:

First, we visited Savana. Savana is a meadow near Mr. Bromo. I like that place, beacause i felt like in abroad (this is truely Indonesia *peace*)


What do you think?
It is beautiful,isn’t?


I took some pict there, check this out dolls :3





Well i just want to potopoto hehe
Look at my pose yaw :3 lol



They are my new friends 😀 (except : uni lisya dan teh mey haha both my old friends :p)




Well, let’s continue my tripo the jornioooo. After savana, we visited the top of Mr. Bromo, here the pict 🙂



Yes Parking here!
*i was wearing sandals hahaha sorry for disconnected fashionista yaw hihi*




i was sorry for the nersis cheeeseeee (blooming eyes)


welcome to Mt. Batok(ok)


cool ha?


crater of Mr. B r o m o


the view from the top of Mr. Bromo

This is the end of my story (: I’ll be back for BNS’S story
chalo chalo chalo
Have a nice day, dolls (:

spiffy : good, great

Photographer by Dewi Permata Sari and JeKeTi friends
Coat by H&M
Dress by OMG
Sandals by Swallow
Veil by Fahira
Sock by Rabbani

Big thank’s to Mba fadila, Uni Lisya, Mba bana, Teh mey, Nanda, Putri (JeKeTihaha)

Nikon 3100D


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